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Nov. 3rd, 2009 @ 07:20 pm stress
 ok so i have not blogged in two weeks but i have been super busy and stressed. I studied my ass off for my bio text and knew absolutely nothing on the test. luckily i am good at guessing and managed to get an 82. my bio teacher sucks at teaching. the good thing is that i am doing amazing in algebra and chemistry. numbers are my thing. but i really need to focus on getting this bio grade up a little. im also just so tired lately. blah. neway i want to a vet meeting tonite and they told us everything that was required and i feel like i have so little time left to do everything and i am only a freshman !!! we have to start applying between our junior and senior year and i have to take all these extra classes for vet school and the classes that i need for my major alone. so this summer i need to start working with animals and with vets to get these hours in for vet school. and i need to start doing research so i know where i wanna go and what i need to take for that school. oh man tons to do and im just a freshman. so im gonna go now and get to work.

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Oct. 19th, 2009 @ 09:34 pm feel like crap
 today is not a good day at all. this week i have two away games and have a lot to get done. i also have to make ribbons for our away game on thursday and get all my hw done. i also feel like crap. my back has been hurting all weekend and it is very strange because i have no idea why. now today my stomach hurts soooo sooo bad i am barely able to do anything. And of course to top it all off my head hurts. so today sucks and this week is going to get worse and i do not feel like blogging nemore so i am just going to go. peace
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Oct. 7th, 2009 @ 02:41 pm frustrating two days
 yesterday everything was going fine except for the fact that it had to be monday all over again but i was doing ok. then i went to take my general chem lab quiz and did not understand a single thing. not one. well surprise surprise i got a 5 out of 26 points. so i emailed the teacher because this was not the first time that we have had an impossible test and he told me that i must not be understanding the report material. well i obviously do if im getting really good grades on them. so today we argued and argued with him and he decided to reset the test so we can actually use our reports. he has just turned a lot of people off of even trying anymore. then i go to my computer applications class yesterday and he starts explaining things and i have no idea what he is talking about. the book told me to do something that we werent supposed to but i didnt know that cus he confused me so much and it turned out i was wrong and should not have done that. oops. then he told us to do something that wasnt in the book but i didnt understand so i had to redo that part and try to finish it before class because i had to be in nj for a volleyball game that night. then today i call my mom to tell her some stuff and she yells at me because i didnt call her on the cell phone...which i did but she didnt answer!!! then she tells me not to be mad cus she had to be with my mom mom for 3 hours and now has to make it up. well thats not my fault!! if you dont wanna hear from your daughter who is away at college then fine i wont call when ur at work and when im busy at night i dont wanna hear it. im so sick of peoples shit i just want this week to be over already!
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Sep. 28th, 2009 @ 11:24 pm i hate
 right now i hate blogging because i have no time at all to do this. and if we dont do this we are gonna get a bad grade which i think is dumb cus i have no idea how to work this damn thing. i also hate my dad right now cus he is an asshole to my mom and me and he doesnt even do anything for either of us. so now we prolly wont talk for a while and im fine with that. the day just kept getting worse because i forgot my straightener and my hair brush and the remote for the tv i just brought up and i have a headache. this day was just so bad except for the morning because i got to see someone very special to me :) well this is all i am gonna write because i hate blogging and im tired.
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Sep. 19th, 2009 @ 11:26 pm long day
 so today we had a tri match here at del val and it was a very very long day. we had to be at breakfast by 9 after being out late last nite so i was not happy about that. then we had our first game at 11 and we won so we had a while to relax. well my stomach wasnt feeling too good and then i go back for our next game and find out that our one setter is hurt and now i would be a starter and play almost a whole game. :0 i was soooo nervous i was practically frozen. it took us the first game to get used to the new rotation but once we did we managed to pull out 3 wins. i did ok but i still have to try to warm up a bit to playing with the starters. im really glad i got to play but i do hope that blood is back very soon. then after that my mom me and katie went out to eat and we will have leftovers for days. haha. then after i showered i started homework and i still have more to do :[ but i am waiting for a certain boy to call me so this will keep me awake. :)
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Sep. 14th, 2009 @ 10:23 pm fml moments
so today was a tough a strange day. first off i was up until 2 last nite and then had an 8 am class. im surprised i even made it through that class and i looked absolutely horrible. my favorite part of the day was the 2 hour nap i got to take after algebra. but i had this really really weird dream. it was about my comp apps class that i had today. i dreamt that our teacher never told us about the homework we had to do for that week so none of us did it. then when we all walk in and he tells us its due me and my two best friends in that class start fighting with him over it because he was so unclear in the first class. well surprise surprise when i really did walk into that class this exact thing happened!!!!! can you freakin believe it?!?!?! so then i had to get this hw assignment done by tonite and my microsoft word is different then the computer so i had to walk back up to the computer lab and try and finish it before volleyball practice. i managed it so now i am going to try and keep going to the computer lab and get ahead on all these assignments. easier said then done. then everyone at volleyball is in a really really bad mood while i am super hyper and it was just annoying. everyone brought me down and practice just sucked then. now i have the worst migraine ever!!!     today sucks!!! 
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Sep. 14th, 2009 @ 12:16 am (no subject)
 hello everyone! 
so basically this blog is going to kinda be a diary about my days as a college freshman. the ups the downs the good the bad im gonna tell you everything.  there may be high school seniors reading this out there and i want you guys to know how much fun college is but also how difficult it can be if you do not manage your time well. i know about that first hand from being on the volleyball team. i have practice for 2 hrs every nite then i have to get some food and truthfully i just wanna go back to my dorm and go to sleep. sometimes i can do that if i stay on top of my work. if i dont then im up until at least 12. sometimes though i want to go out with my friends and have some fun. so so far i have been doing pretty good with staying ahead on my work. once the papers and the exams start i am not so sure and to tell you the truth i am scared. i want to have a life but i am also crazy about getting good grades. i also have to get a lot of sleep because i have a sleeping condition that makes me tired during the days. its just a lot and you want to have a social life. sadly sometimes u have to turn down the fun things to do the work you came here to do. thats just a little but about what this is going to be. come back for more entries!
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